About us

Since 1996 we have been advising and assisting in conducting tax, financial processes, implementing accounting mechanisms, organizing and running the company. The idea of Brix is to fully adjust to the requirements of the Client. Our team is composed of 40 highly skilled professional employees to lead your business matters in areas of: finance, accounting, bookkeeping and taxation.

Our brand was built on the rules we follow at work:


Since the very beginning of its operations Brix has been improving and increasing the quality of its services. We have wide practice- and experience-based knowledge in the scope of accounting, taxes, finance and personnel-payroll administration.


We care that our Clients are served by professional personnel providing services in Polish, Italian and English. Our employees are highly qualified professionals with certificates of expert auditors, tax advisors and auditors. As tax provisions are constantly changing, we improve our qualifications by participating in trainings courses.


Our best recommendation and the reason for pride is that relations we have with our Clients are solid and based on full confidence. We have co-operated with majority of our Clients since the very beginning of their operations.

We are aware of the responsibility needed and we always try to act in the best interest of the Client. At present, we provide services to more than 100 companies with Polish and foreign capital. These are joint stock companies, limited liability companies, limited partnerships – entities of various profiles of operations and specificity of functioning. We are insured for the total guarantee amount of PLN 2.450.000.


Our office combines knowledge and experience in the area of accounting and taxes with many years of practice in business advisory in the scope of finance, financial reporting and controlling. We provide our Clients with services including audits, due diligence, valuation of companies, expert tax and accounting opinions, advisory in the scope of accounting policy and charts of accounts, support in merger transactions and transformations of companies, as well as keeping documentation of transactions with affiliates. We cooperate with specialists in law, taxes and finance.


We do our best to ensure safety to the served companies, duly keeping documentation, preserving confidentiality of data and working in compliance with requirements of the accounting act and tax law. We are aware that only acting in compliance with the rules of ethics, law and generally applicable social standards, we have a chance for long-term permanent development.


We offer individual and flexible rules of co-operation. We try to get to know the needs of our Clients to propose practical solutions to problems. Our relations with Clients are proven to be to the best satisfaction level for those who have long-term co-operation with Brix.